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Info for Mentees

As new students, your mentors are at your disposal for any questions, concerns, or advice that you need during your first year at Stanford. Your mentor can help you find answers to the many issues that you will encounter in the department, such as funding, housing, your stipend, where you office will be, where the Caltrain station is, etc. Don't hesitate to ask.

Info for Mentors

The Graduate Student Mentor Program has several goals:

  1. To provide incoming graduate students with a contact person, preferably outside of his/her research group, who can offer suggestions and valuable information that will smooth the transition to graduate student life in the School of Earth, Energy & Environmental Sciences at Stanford.
  2. To encourage contact between graduate students from different research groups.
  3. To provide an organized and semi-formal system that facilitates communication between incoming graduate students, GSAC, the faculty, and the graduate student community at large.

How the program works

Each incoming graduate student will be assigned a "mentor" from the list of those who have volunteered. Your mentor will:

  1. Make early contact with you, the new "mentee", preferably during the summer, just to let you know that he/she is available to answer your questions.
  2. Attend a get-acquainted luncheon during the Autumn orientation between mentors and mentees. Your mentor will make an effort at this time and over the next few weeks to help ease you into grad student life, make you feel at home in the department, give you the lowdown on academic life, etc.
  3. Periodically make contact with you, more frequently at first, and on a when-needed basis thereafter, to monitor your needs and answer any questions that might have arisen.

In addition, all mentors will be invited to join their mentees at various events throughout the year; this includes the ever popular pre-Orientation retreat and department-sponsored field trips. Attendance by mentors is optional but highly encouraged!

Mentees, in turn, should feel free to ask their mentors any questions pertaining to life as an SES graduate student. While all mentors (and for that matter all graduate students in the department) can be seen as information providers, your assigned mentor is the main contact person for any questions which may arise.


Contact your department's GSAC representatives, if you have not yet been assigned a mentor.